Criticism and Compliments

One of the things I dislike the most is how unbalanced online reviews are, and how people intentionally malign honest sellers trying to eke out a living on the internet. It is a real pet peeve. Why do they always want to write about bad experiences instead of seeking redress and maybe a refund first. Customer service is vitally important but seldom mentioned. When I was looking for a new tankless water heater, I found few helpful reviews at Tankless Center. I want an honest opinion and not a tirade. Just tell me that it works properly and meets your demands. When it comes to criticism versus compliments, it pays to read between the lines. Look at the average rating for a product. Eliminate the bottom five or so—those from bitchy people. I am amazed at one-star reviews for some of the most well-known and praised items. This is my proof of the problem.

I like long reviews because I know the purchaser took the time to tell the whole story, good and bad. If price is an issue, the reader understands, but also tell us what it does for the money. Does it look and work as expected? Did it malfunction too soon? When it comes to a tankless system, I want to know how much space you need, how easy is the installation, and does it save on electricity bills.  Does a manual come with the water heater and is it easy to use, especially the new computer models?

Navigating the net is an art and it helps to know when and how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Shopping on line is so prevalent (Amazon thanks for carrying everything in the universe) that judging reviews is a daily task.