More Music and More Tolerance, Please

Some days it’s really easy to be a good person – you wake up feeling good, your coffee is just the right temperature and your eggs are neither overcooked nor undercooked, and you always dress right for the weather that day. Sounds familiar, right?

But do you pick yourself up on the days when you wake up and just feel lousy? I, personally, do my best to do something positive that day and improve my mood so I’m not a downer on everyone I meet, because other people shouldn’t be the target of my own torrent of personal feelings that day. That’s why it bothers me when other people are being negative and intolerant sometimes, and don’t move an inch towards a better direction in their lives or do anything for the benefit of their community.

My wife often tells me that I can’t change the way people behave and should just let them be, and I know she’s right, it’s just that I get caught up in thoughts about these things that it’s hard to be objective about it sometimes. The other day at work two guys got into a fight in the men’s room. I’m not exactly sure what happened, they’re not really on my floor, but I heard the bathroom was a total mess and they had to replace the toilets, took them ages to find the right ones online. Everyone’s been talking about them all week, and almost every day on lunch break they’re the hot topic.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t fair to act that way, especially when you’re at work. In my opinion, people should always strive to be their best selves, even when they’re not feeling their best. I mean, I see so much impatience around me, no wonder those two ended up fighting. People are shouting at each other, being disrespectful, and not only in person, but on social media too. This is part of the reasons why I started this blog, so I can freely write whatever is on my mind.

Luckily I have a couple of colleagues at work that are good people and a couple of friends, and of course, my lovely wife, all of whom give me hope for humanity. I’m actually trying to get myself into the habit of listening to music more often. I find it relaxes me and helps me feel better when I’m feeling disheartened. When I was a teenager I used to listen to a lot more music, but as I got older my enthusiasm waned. But now I’m back at it and fully enjoy it!

Having said that, I would recommend more music and a lot more tolerance, please!